Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Change Is Gonna Come

This past week has been something of a life-changer for me. Things have been so incredible lately. I'm living in a place that is so far removed from the everyday hustle of life and yet, I've felt more and more like a person that I used to be. A part of me that until recently was a void, has decided to bloom again -seemingly overnight. I feel so invigorated that I'm not sure the fibers of my being will be able to contain it.

How do you wake up and suddenly remember how good it feels to be alive? To have your heart race at a glance and a half smile. I'm remembering that it's okay for me not to be the coolest kid on the block. That I can  say something cheesy without having to apologize or feel self-conscious. Sometimes, people are put into your life to help you see the light of day again. Not that I was wallowing in depression, more like I didn't feel anything. Just a good reminder that I want to be a better person and that there are amazing people to help you when sometimes you didn't even realize that you were still broken.

Friday, June 1, 2012


3 months.

Not bad if you think about it, okay really. My blogging has been terrible as of late. So an update for those of you who may not know (but most likely don't care either). I took an internship in Capitol Reef National Park at the UVU run field station. So technically I'm an employee of the university, but live within the park boundaries. I live out away from most everything, it takes me about an hour's drive to get into a two where I can get cell service.

I haven't really had a Friday off work yet, so now that I'm all alone until Monday morning, I thought it would be a good time to sit down and record some thoughts.

It truly is lovely here.  I mean it. As a Utah native, I thought I knew what it was to live in the desert, but I was mistaken. An area that I once deemed dead and only admired for it's geologic beauty, I now see in a new light. It is amazing to me how fragile the plants and animals are here, and to be honest, that fragility gives them an extra measure of beauty. A new lease of life and a soft part in my heart. How truly special it is to be here. To wake up and feel the wind on my face, to see the endless blue sky that is so deep at times it seems purple. To experience the night sky like I never have before. Obviously the rocks, oh, the rocks. At times I can't help but think that the designs in the cliff faces were carved by giants long before man ever stepped foot into the world. Gentle creatures that took to time to make this place, for the betterment of those that they knew they would never know. But then I think about how awesome the geologic processes are that composed this vision of splendor and am in awe all over again.

It's not without it's challenges, but nothing worthwhile is.